RED Mysterium EPIC-X

Our latest additions to our equipment are two Red EPIC-X cameras. The Epic is currently the most sophisticated and capable camera on the market, with a 5K sensor, 27 layer ASIC, and the most advanced processor of its type in the world, enabling capture of up to 120 frames per second, each frame at full 14 mega pixel resolution. The EPIC is engineered to be a DSMC (Digital Still & Motion Camera) that excels in both worlds. With a native dynamic range of over 13 stops and resolution that exceeds 35 mm motion picture film, as well as RED's newly developed HDRx extended dynamic range technology, which boosts the dynamic range up to 18 stops, the EPIC is clearly the camera of the epoch. Purpose-built for perfect multi-camera synchronization, EPIC is perfectly suited for 3D capture, and comes to the market at a time when the sophistication of a new generation of innovative technology is called for. With these cameras, it is now literally possible to shoot anything, anywhere, anytime. Whatever your vision may be, capture it in beautiful 5k resolution.